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Stop the change in the childcare ratios:

The Government plans to reduce staff-to-child ratios in early years settings and for childminders in England. Nursery and pre-school staff could be expected to look after six two-year-old children (currently four) and four babies aged one or under (currently three). Childminders could be expected to care for four children under five (currently three) and two babies under one (currently one).

This will impact:

CHILD SAFETY: With more children to look after, staff will undoubtedly have less time to keep an eye on your child, posing a real risk to their physical wellbeing.

CHILD SUPPORT: Staff will have less time to engage with your child on a one-to-one basis. This is of particular concern for children with additional needs, who may require extra care and attention.

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Even if the new childcare ratios are passed, we will not be changing our ratios. We are commited to the cause of quality childcare.


Welcome to Westoe Village Kindergarten:

Westoe Village Kindergarten provides childcare in South Tyneside and is situated on St Georges Avenue, South Shields. We aim to provide children with happiness, freedom, guidance, discipline and kindness in a consistent, secure environment. We recognise the emotional needs of children include attention, affection, security, a sense of belonging and personal growth. They need encouragement to learn from experience, the opportunity to explore, investigate, experiment and be given appropriate activities that encourage children to reach their full potential.

All children learn through play – the principal means of learning in early childhood. Through play children gradually develop concepts, make judgements and use their imagination.

Westoe Village Kindergarten is a sister nursery to Noah's Ark Nursery which is situated on West Park Road. Noah's Ark Nusery is experienced in childcare for 10 years. The new Westoe Village Kindergarten will draw upon and use this experience in childcare. Noah's Ark Nursery is open till a later time of 9pm, if childcare is required until this time please contact Noah's Ark Nursery.
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