Butterflies (3-5) year olds

The Butterflies is our pre- school group and is registered to cater for 29 children. This group works on a staff ratio of one staff member to every eight children or one to thirteen if we have a staff member who has achieved graduate leader which is an Early Years Professional Status qualification (EYPS – equivalent to a level 6). The room is very spacious and airy and offers children many different areas of play. 

In the Butterflies

Within the butterflies we encourage the children to use their own imagination and begin to develop their independence, preparing the children for school. The activities which are offered are based around the child’s interests both planned and plenty of opportunities for free choice. The Butterfly group are involved in small group work on a daily basis, which may consist of various activities such as, group games, team building activities or large gross motor activities i.e. treasure hunts and balancing, catching, throwing activities.

The staff promote personal hygiene and always encourage the children to wash their hands after toileting, before meals and after outdoor play.

Here at Westoe Village Kindergarten we have your child’s welfare at heart. This enables us to provide the correct level of activities and learning equipment we need to keep fully up to date with every child’s development abilities and needs. To enable us to do so each child has a key/Family  worker who is fully responsible for carrying out regular observations and monitor and record the child’s progress and development. The areas that are covered in the developmental records are the areas they work towards every day.

Parents are encouraged to contribute to their child’s developmental records and the files are available on request. Parents are invited to evening meetings every 6 months to read their child’s records and discuss any concerns regarding your child development and welfare with the child’s carers. However we are always here for you either in person or via the telephone or email.

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