We are outstanding!

Staff and Children celebrating getting an Outstanding grading

It's official, Westoe Village Kindergarten is STILL Outstanding!

In April 2022 we had our most recent Ofsted inspection here at Westoe Village Kindergarten. Everyone at the nursery has worked extremely hard to make Westoe the best nursery that it can be and we are proud to announce that we received our most recent Outstanding grading! This is our second consecutive Outstanding result. We are extremely proud that all our hard work has been rewarded and Ofsted have shown that the quality of care we provide is consistently the highest standard possible.

We want to thank everyone involved with our nursery for all the hard work and effort they have put in to help us reach this amazing achievement. We could not have done this without everyone's dedication to the nursery.

As always, we will keep pushing ourselves to improve and provide the best care for all children who attend our nursery and we will work to ensure that Westoe Village Kindergarten is always providing outstanding childcare.

You can click here for our latest Ofsted report.

A message from our Director

I would like to thank all the amazing, hardworking, and passionate staff at West Park Kindergarten whose efforts have earned them a well deserved Outstanding grading from Ofsted. I am extremely proud of each and every one whose hard work and dedication has helped them to achieve such an amazing result.

On March 6th we celebrate be the 22nd anniversary of the opening of West Park Kindergarten, our first nursery, and it brings me great joy to see how far we have come. We now have 5 nurseries (4 of them based in South Tyneside) and all of them have earned an Ofsted Outstanding grading which is all down to the exceptional teams they have who continue to give everything so that we can provide such outstanding childcare for our community.

I would also like to thank all our lovely parents who have supported and encouraged us throughout the years, without your support and kind comments this would not have been possible. Everything we do at our nurseries is for you and the children, so that we may give them the very best start in life.

April 2022 - Outstanding

Read our report

Our most recent Ofsted inspection took place in April 2022, and once again reflects the outstanding practice of the team at our nursery. The report highlights the welcoming environment we have fostered and how much children excel while attending our setting. The inspector made special mention of our support for children with SEND as well as the partnerships that we create between the nursery and parents.

We are extremely proud of the report and have picked out some of our favourite quotes for you to read below, we also encourage you to give the whole report a read.

  • Children thrive in this welcoming, inviting and stimulating nursery. They arrive happily, and are eager to explore and learn. Staff plan a nurturing environment across the whole nursery.

  • Support for children with SEND is superb. They take swift action and account of information they exchange with other professionals and parents, to ensure that children receive targeted support.

  • The manager is dedicated to providing children and their families with the highest quality of care and learning.

  • The curriculum for children is highly ambitious and runs through the whole setting with seamless fluency.

  • The management team and staff work in strong partnership with parents. Parents are kept fully informed of their child's learning. This ensures that parents know that their children are making good progress.

October 2016 - Outstanding

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Our Ofsted report from October 2016 was our first Outstanding and is a glowing statement about our nursery, why we are such an Outstanding childcare provider and what it is that makes our nursery so special. The inspector covers our knowledgable and approachable, how they can connect and form bonds with the children they care for, the quality of the learning we provide, how much progress children make while at our nursery and much, much more.

We have picked out some of our favourite pieces below but we fully recommend that you read through the report youself, you can find a copy of our outstanding report here.

  • The inspirational and passionate staff team consistently delivers exceptionally high-quality teaching. They provide a very inclusive environment. Extremely rich and stimulating activities are provided for children to make choices from. Children demonstrateremarkable levels of enthusiasm for learning.

  • All children make outstanding progress in their learning. Mathematical language is threaded throughout all aspects of the nursery routine. Children use superb counting skills during snack and mealtimes.

  • All children make rapid progress from what they know when they first start at the setting. Children are extremely well supported to develop excellent key skills needed for future learning and the eventual move to school.

  • Risk assessment procedures are highly detailed and precise. Children take part in daily checks, taking notes on clipboards to review the safety of all areas of the setting.

  • Children have incredible self-care skills. They independently tend to their own needs and follow the rules of the setting. Extremely high standards of hygiene practices are in place.

In The News

Our Outstanding Ofsted report was featured by the Shields Gazette. The article covers the glowing report we received from our Ofsted inspection in October 2016 and highlights the praise we received throughout the report:

In the report, inspector Emma Allison hailed the nursery’s “dedicated and ambitious leadership team”, and also commented that babies and children demonstrate “exceptional levels of engagement in activities” and “excellent levels of respect for one another”.

The childrens’ behaviour and manners were also praised, while the staff were described in the report as “fantastic role models”.

You can read the full article here.