Little Ladybirds (0 - 20 months)

The Ladybird group are based in our brand new extension which has been purpose built with all safety features being considered. This brand new room boasts fantastic facilities including plenty of natural lighting provided through a large roof lantern and large windows. This room can cater for 12 children between the ages of six weeks to 20 months. The staff who are based in this room have been specifically selected and are highly trained professionals who understand the children’s needs as well as providing tender loving care in a happy and secure environment whilst building a close relationship with both the children and parents. The ratio in this room is one member of staff to every three children.

In the Little Ladybirds

The aim of the staff in this room is to provide a high standard of care to aid the individual child’s learning and development, which will be based as much as possible around the daily routine they have at home, whilst being introduced to a range of new activities i.e. sensory activities such as nursery rhymes, heuristic play, treasure baskets, painting activities, textured toys/rattles etc. In order to ensure children’s needs are met and to promote their development we have a wide range of resources available which are at child height and are easily accessible.

Here at Westoe Village Kindergarten we understand the importance that children need to have a quiet and peaceful area in which to sleep. To cater for this we have a specific area for sleeping which includes cots and sleep mats. When children are asleep in this room they are closely monitored and checked regularly.

Useful Information For New Starters

In order to work round your own routines we are very flexible when it comes to feeding your child. If you supply the powdered milk, we will make the child’s bottles for you or you may want to bring them to nursery already prepared. The same rule applies when the children start weaning, you can either bring in your own jars of food or alternatively, we do provide a healthy weaning menu especially for the younger children. We also welcome any parent who is breast feeding.

This area also has nappy changing facilities and children are changed based on their own needs. We ask all parents to supply sufficient nappies, wipes, cream, bottles, and spare clothes to see the child through their nursery day.

You will also receive a communication diary which goes between home and nursery and this will include details of how your child has been at nursery, what and how much they have eaten, sleep times, and also what activities they have been doing throughout the day. This book can also be used to pass on messages between home and nursery.

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