Update (June 4th):

A message from the team at Westoe Village Kindergarten

When the world told us to stop, we listened and continued to have fun.’

Your secret garden awaits, we were proud to open our doors this week to help form some sort of normality for your little ones again, and as always we are providing our high quality outstanding care throughout.

Implementing in the moment still to enhance all learning and interests with continuous fun. As shown in our video, our children were very curious and asking lots of questions about PPE. We explained and explored with a fun way of designing our own coloured visors using laminate pouches and ribbon - the children then enforced this within their play, representing from the world around them.

The best part was hearing our children laugh again. The littlest laughs creates our big hearts - thank you for always believing in us. The comeback is going to be much stronger than the setback.

If you are choosing to stay at home, we know how hard it can be to keep your little ones entertained and think of ideas; so use us. Please continue to log on to tapestry for your home learning challenges: week 12 has just been set and we would absolutely love to see all of your achievements - it brings us so much joy staying in contact and helps continue your child’s development.

Team Westoe ❤️

Update (March 30th):

While the nursery is unfortunately closed through the COVID-19 outbreak, we have received some resources to allow parents to keep the learning going at home. When we are open again as usual these resources will be made available on our parent portal.

Early Years Home Learning Collection - A curriculum-focused independent learning resource with over 40 home learning activities all planned and all prepared from TTS.

Twinkl are offering a full month's access to all of their resources for all parents and teachers affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. To access this all you need to do is go to and use the code CVDTWINKLHELPS.

Their EYFS for Parents area has some really useful guides and activities for parents with children in EYFS.

Update (Match 23rd):

As of tomorrow, Tuesday March 24th, Harton Village Kindergarten, Westoe Village Kindergarten and West Park Kindergarten will be merging with services to be based at Harton Village Kindergarten.

We are doing this in order to continue the support we are providing to all the key workers during this difficult time.

Following government guidelines, we advise that if you are able to make alternate arrangements for childcare, with someone not in at-risk group, then you should avoid bringing your child into nursery. We will still be providing childcare for parents/carers who are in the key worker groups and are unable to make alternate arrangements.

If you have any further questions, please contact the nursery or use the details below:

Harton Village Kindergarten

Phone: 0191 4566 314


Head Office

Phone: 0191 300 8689


Update (Match 20th):

In light of the Government announcement regarding the closure of all schools and nurseries from Friday (20 March 2020), we are committed to open for Key Workers and Vulnerable Children who still require childcare in these uncertain times.

The Government has now released a list of industries with Key Workers:

For further information on Key Worker definitions, please visit the website.

As a provider of high quality childcare we take health and safety very seriously. With this in mind we have put together information based on Public Health England advice regarding coronavirus (COVID-19).

The UK Chief Medical Officer has set the risk to the public as moderate. The risk of contracting the virus is very low with very few cases in the UK compared to the number of those tested.

We are working closely with our nursery managers, local authority and taking advice from Public Health England to introduce internal procedures to best manage the current risk and ensure we are prepared in the event of spread in the UK or a link to one of our nurseries.

We asking all staff, parents and visitors to be aware of the symptoms of Covid-19 (Coronavirus), a high temperature (fever), a cough and shortness of breath however, these are common symptoms of other illnesses such as cold and flu. Having these symptoms does not necessarily mean you have Covid-19.

How to reduce the risk?

What action to take if symptoms develop?

The World Health Organisation have said ‘While we are still learning about how COVID-2019 affects people, older persons and persons with pre-existing medical conditions (such as high blood pressure, heart disease, or diabetes) appear to develop serious illness more often than others.’

If older children are curious or worried you may find the link below useful

Just for kids: A comic exploring the new coronavirus

Other Useful Links

Government advice on Coronavirus

Government advice detailing affected areas

DfE and Public Health guidance for Educational Settings on Coronavirus