Our Aims

Aims of the owners and staff for Westoe Village Kindergarten

As an owner of children's day nurseries for the past 15 years the aims and objectives of my wife, myself and our managers along with all our staff is to provide the best care and dedication to all the children that attend any of our nurseries. We aim to dedicate as much of our financial resources and our time into improving the nurseries year on year. Our staff are highly motivated and highly trained to focus on education and development but, most importantly, love and care. We love our community and the area we all belong to and what is instilled in all of our nurseries from everyone that works on behalf of the children is dedication and love to promote the best start that a child could possibly get.

I personally am in contact or on visits every day the nurseries are open to monitor and support the staff in any needs they might require. Sammy is an outstanding manager who has created, with the help of Courtney, a fantastic team that are absolutely dedicated to providing the best for the children. Any nursery is only as good as the staff that work there and the staff are only as good under the manager's influence, the manager is the key to the nursery's success and we have the best in terms of experience, knowledge and care.

Our food is delivered fresh weekly with a range of fruit and vegetables, meats and milks, all sourced from local companies, which is prepared by our qualified chef who has 28 years' experience. Good nutrition goes hand in hand with good development, this shows with our five star food rating from the local Authority. We all love our job and are proud to be part of the on-going high standards and dedicated care of all our children, this will all bode well for the future within our community. We welcome any support and any help that is offered that can help us improve any aspect of any nursery. We would like to thank all our parents for their continued support and kind words over the whole 15 years.